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Archeus’ Crop nearly made the sowing – SATO – Building Responsible Future design competition results
on Tuesday 241115

Archeus would like to congratulate Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects for their winning proposal in the SATO – Building Responsible Future design competition. The international and invitational competition in which Archeus partook as one of six European architectural offices was held for a plot in the developing Jätkäsaari district in Helsinki, Finland – for more info, see the post from June here.

In a competition with a purpose to produce high-quality architecture for residential use with innovative housing solutions and sustainable housing as the main theme, we feel that our work, titled Crop, was truly a worthy solution. The sculptural shapes and aesthetics of the building were designed with easily modified and lightweight exterior structures with the solid interior core keeping to a rectangular and rational solution. Facades consist of ecological cement boards and low-maintenance metal trelliswork most dominantly seen in the tower structure.

The 8th floor roof terrace features planters for urban gardening and is cut off from the other end. This creates an alley functioning as a terrace for the sauna and recreational use spaces situated a few floors below the roof terrace.

The courtyard continues the theme of the northern facade with a light palette.

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Oulu Airport lounge - Photo by Finavia

Finavia regional airports Oulu, Kittilä and Vaasa
on Tuesday 171115

As a part of a wide development process, Archeus has designed renovations of passenger and terminal areas for the Finnish air operation corporation Finavia for three of its regional airports – Oulu, Kittilä and Vaasa. With already achieved excellence in airport functionality, the main theme of all of the upgrades was to make the passengers’ experience cosier and create alluring spaces for lounging. Our design aims to create a soothing atmosphere within the sometimes hectic and stressing travel experience. These pleasant, calm spaces were achieved by simplifying the layered look and feel of the spaces and bringing in new, coherent design.

Oulu Airport

Oulu Airport is the second busiest airport in Finland after Helsinki Airport. Beside the cosiness, the aim was to create a lasting mental image of the space as that of the Oulu airport. The first floor passenger areas and the ground floor arrival lobby received our treatment. In these spaces, local traits of Oulu are reflected in the choice of materials and imagery within a contemporary setting.

Modifications include custom-made fixtures such as the birch huts partly upholstered with cosy rag rug fabric.

In addition to new fixtures, personalized birch and local birdlife-themed decorative stickers enliven the walls, interior windows and the boarding gate desks.

Maybe the most distinctive new feature, the lounge area as pictured in the header and above, combines many of the elements in a playful arrangement under the intriguing dome pieces and is ideal for relaxing and working due to versatile solutions in fixtures and lighting.

The large red light fixtures above a set of tables are a fun splash of colour within the dominant grey and blue tone of the non-Schengen waiting area.

The boarding gates’ new attractive "gate within gate" birch structures send passengers on their way.

Kittilä Airport

With excellent connections to major holiday attractions and ski resorts in Lapland, Kittilä Airport is a busy airport especially during the winter seasons. Beyond some new architectural arrangements in the functionality of the airport, the emphasis of the renovation was mainly on the overall appearance.

A fireplace accompanied by traditional rocking chairs and tree logs for seating were set in the middle of the waiting area to lure people in for some relaxing Lapland ambiance.

On all of the airports, the arrival service stands, info desks and car rental operators’ stands were reimagined with white, custom-made fixtures with a uniform theme as the end goal.

Vaasa Airport

As the sixth busiest airport in Finland, Vaasa Airport offers domestic service and connections to Sweden with the number of direct charter flights to Southern Europe increasing steadily. Here the most notable change was the colour scheme being softened with natural materials and decorative stickers.

A fresh departure from the larger colour scheme, the small lounge, is a nice sedate space with stronger yet still muted colouring amidst the calm revamped space as pictured in our visualization.

The feedback on our work has been highly positive and we’re happy to inform that our co-operation with Finavia continues as Joensuu Airport is getting our treatment in the following months.

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Commercial Centre Toriportti
on Monday 021115

For a while now, Archeus has been working on a major overhaul and extension of Oulun Puhelin Ltd’s old business premises at the corner of Torikatu and Kauppurienkatu into a commercial centre. Situated by the Rotuaari Promenade, the four-storey white-rendered building at Kauppurienkatu 7 is a listed building from 1936 by architect Gustav Strandberg and the five-storey glass-walled building at Torikatu 18 by architect Risto Harju is from 1970.

The buildings will be wholly renovated with the original character of the buildings retained and revamped with the renovation of the glass-walled building from 1970 strongly honouring the recently deceased architect Risto Harju’s vision. A new, inviting main entrance at the corner of Torikatu 18 opens to both adjacent streets with smaller entrances on both sides. Backlit glasses with decorative stickers on the façade of Torikatu 18 and other façade lighting solutions will create an intriguing ambiance in the evening and darker times of the year.

The two buildings will be joined together and a modern extension made. A glass ceiling covers the space between the 1930’s building and the new courtyard extension. The extension’s façade consists of glass walls and wood laminate façade panels with streamlined design creating a unique contrast with the old structure.

When opened, the ground floor will feature shops and a café with the higher floors mostly in office use – all with flexible solutions for possibly varying functions in the future. The build was initiated in the summer of 2015 and will be completed in May 2016.

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