Commercial Centre Toriportti revitalises old premises
on Wednesday 310816

Commercial Centre Toriportti in downtown Oulu has opened. Oulun Puhelin Ltd’s old business premises got a new life as the renovated and joined white-rendered 1930’s and glass-walled 1970’s buildings are now mainly inhabited by offices with the street level spaces mostly in restaurant and café use. The new, distinctive main entrance at the corner of Torikatu and Kauppurienkatu is truly an inviting one amidst the busy street life of the Rotuaari Promenade.

The glass-walled façade of the Torikatu 18 structure had its windows renewed and features enlivening decorative stickers and interesting lighting solutions to be experienced in darker seasons. Yet to be installed are the green awnings above the ground floor windows. A distinctive look and flow was achieved by using the same wood laminate façade panel solutions through-out the entrance, the arching hallway leading into the courtyard and on the courtyard extension itself.

The new, five-storey contemporary courtyard extension adds more than a thousand square meters of efficient and flexible space to the premises. With its unique idiom, the extension makes a truly striking impression and creates an intriguing contrast with the renovated old structure. A glass ceiling covers the courtyard space luring in daylight and the connecting glass walls offer amazing views facing the sea from the spaces within the extension.

Large glass surfaces and simple glass railings provide unobstructed views within the structure. Photo taken from the 4th floor hall looking down on the old 1930’s structure and the new extension towards northeast.

Functions of the businesses spread out to the courtyard enlivening the space.

The new business premise windows on the street level of Kauppurienkatu 7 form stylish jetties. The windows’ streamlined style fits the 1930’s façade subtly yet makes a clear statement of a change in the use of the building.

The contemporary extension is a new, identifiable feature in the Oulu cityscape in the northwest.

Two types of wood laminate façade panels with slightly differing patterns were used through-out the extension – together with the lively layout of the panels this adds an intriguing layer to the structure.

Go have a look what the future of Oulun Puhelin Ltd’s old business premises looks like in the heart of the city!

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Villa Paasila
on Wednesday 170816

Villa Paasila is a two-piece villa situated amidst the picturesque Päijänne Lakeland nature in a 19th century villa courtyard at Padasjoki, Finland. To supplement a 1930’s guest house, a whole new contemporary villa extension was made and joined with an old existing storehouse. The storehouse was fully refurbished to match with the extension.

To join the two for years to come, the idiom of the contemporary extension retells that of the old storehouse and the masses are similar in scale. The extension’s façade consists of tar-coated shingles and light planking with thoroughly designed details honouring the carpentry tradition of the site.

The white niche of the villa draws in sunlight into the structure and terrace.

A glass-walled corridor joins the building masses.

The light colour scheme of the terrace continues within the extension’s interior maximizing the amount of natural light.

The white fixtures cleverly hide the functions of the kitchenette. Also, furthermost on the right is an embedded entrance to the bathroom. Above the kitchenette and bathroom is a sleeping loft with a dark glass wall isolating the loft from the living area.

The placing of the terrace aims to maximize the amount of sunlight through-out the day.

Section of the villa shows the connection of the buildings.

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WOOD 2016/TRÄ 2016 exhibition
on Thursday 040816

Archeus’ projects Villa Ryysyranta and Co-op Oulun Tervahovin Siilot together with Co-op Oulun Tervahovin Vanhat Siilot were chosen to the WOOD 2016/TRÄ 2016 exhibition in Virserum Art Museum in Sweden.

The projects of the exhibition were chosen via a triennial, international architecture competition, Architecture of Necessity. The competition and exhibition aim to gather and present ideas and solutions for sustainable architecture.

The WOOD 2016/TRÄ 2016 exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in Northern Europe in wood and sustainable architecture and is on display from May 5th to December 4th.

An exhibition catalogue, Välkommen till framtiden (“Welcome to the future”), has also been released.

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