Archeus working on a four-building whole in Katajanokka, Helsinki
on Wednesday 110117

Archeus is handling the architect, principal and project design and zoning of a major overhaul of four office buildings into residential and premise use in the Katajanokka district in Helsinki, Finland. The developer in the projects is Lapis Rakennus. The premises were last in use of the central administration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

The whole consisting of four historic buildings covers three joined plots in the distinguished Katajanokka district of Helsinki, adjacent to the immediate downtown area. The plan change commissioned by the central administration of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland was made by Archeus and with the total scope of the projects reaching 17 000 m², the projects will be a significant part of our near future.

Co-op Helsingin Luotsinlinna is the result of a winning entry in an architecture competition in 1897 by young, then-acclaimed Finnish architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. Completed in 1898, the building can be held as a start to the Finnish Art Nouveau period in architecture. The major overhaul restoring the building into residential use is in worksite phase with small dismantling work underway.

Our design for the building features business premises on the street level and high-end apartments on the upper floors. As much of the original ornamentation as pictured is to be preserved as possible.

Co-op Helsingin Luotsikatu 1a was designed by Swedish-born architect David Frölander-Ulf and built in 1938. The building was originally Paulig's, a Finnish family business of coffee and cocoa, production and storehouse facility. Architecturally, the building connects peacefully with the Art Nouveau / Jugend architecture style of the block.

The renovated building will provide near sixty high-level rental apartments for the end-user VVO Group in keeping with their Lumo rental housing brand on all seven floors including the attic. The building permit was granted in December 2016.

The oldest of the four, the classically symmetric three storey Satamakatu 9 was designed by architect August Boman and built 1867-69. Originally, the building was the first private residential stone building in Katajanokka, after which it has been in hospital, office and warehouse use, lastly in residential and office use.

Designed by architect Waldemar Aspelin, the Late-Jugend (or ArtDeco) style building at Satamakatu 11 facing the North Harbour was built in 1911. The building was originally a roastery, storehouse and office building of Paulig’s.

The use of Satamakatu 9 and 11 are yet undisclosed.

With the old prestige buildings Luotsinlinna and Satamakatu 9, the original style will be emphasized and as much of the original structures and ornamentation is to be preserved with our new solutions representing a strictly contemporary style.

In keeping with history, the industrial nature of Luotsikatu 1a and Satamakatu 11 is to be preserved and enhanced with material choices in the finished buildings.

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>Satamakatu 9
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Archeus Christmas Calendar greetings!
on Wednesday 211216

This year for our holiday greetings, we decided to do something different. Rather than sending out traditional Christmas cards, we opted for our very own Christmas Calendar!

This autumn, we had our trusted photographer, Arno de la Chapelle around to photograph some of our completed Oulu projects. Already the first peek of the new material was a stunning experience for all of us reminding us of the great projects we’ve worked on during the past few years. From these sessions, Co-op Oulun Tervahovin Siilot in its evening lighting was a clear choice for the main picture.

Within the windows of the calendar, a variety photos of our projects from over the years can be found, one in each window with the title of the project as presented on our website.

The last picture says it all, we wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

House N+N in the November issue of Glorian Koti
on Friday 251116

A project of ours, a private house House N+N in Oulu, Finland is featured in the November issue of Glorian Koti, a Finnish home decor magazine. An issue aimed for the holiday season, the article emphasizes on the contemporary Christmas decorations of the residents.

The four-spread article does tell the origin story of the house – how the habitants were great fans of Archeus’ work and persistently insisted to meet up with Pave, who was extremely busy at the time. In the end, the meeting was a productive one and resulted in a minimalistic yet highly functional two-storey family home.

The well-planned whole with restrained choice of materials is open to reconfiguration in different phases of life and the strategically placed openings of the structure invite the surrounding coniferous forest scenery inside.

The project has been published on architecture sites Architizer, DiarioDESIGN and designboom and was featured in a book, The Modern Sauna and Related Facilites by Allan Konya published by a British publishing company Archimedia Press Limited in 2011.

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